Authorities Search For Cause of One-Car Fatal Accident Reports New Hampshire Injury Lawyer

October 18, 2011 | News

Manchester, NH (Law Firm Newswire) October 17, 2011 – This accident victim was one mile from home when he lost his life in a car wreck.

“This accident has police baffled, largely because it was a single vehicle accident,” said Manchester personal injury lawyer Charlie Donahue. “The driver apparently lost control of his convertible on a roundabout. What is baffling police is why he lost control, and they are asking for any eyewitnesses to come forward if they have any further information.”

Apparently, the man had been out with friends that evening and was on his way home when the accident happened. He spun out of control, ending up at the bottom of a small embankment in the ditch. Firefighters on the scene worked hard to get him free, and he was alive when he reached the hospital. He died shortly thereafter. The man left behind his partner and a newborn baby.

“It appears from the police report that there was no other vehicle involved in the crash, but that does not rule out that someone may have run him off the road, or a mechanical failure of some sort,” added Donahue. “In fact, this is something that needs to be discussed with an injury lawyer, should the man’s partner need legal advice about the accident and what to do about his sudden death.”

There are simply too many unanswered questions involved in this accident to let it go as being a driver error or a distracted driver. “Evidently, from what the police found at the scene of the wreck, they had no reason to believe the man was DUI or using his cell phone when he lost control of the car,” Donahue suggested. “Something else happened, but they just don’t know what. That question may be answered after a mechanical check of the vehicle.”

For those who have been in similar accidents, it is wise to always reach out to a competent Manchester personal injury attorney. “Ask as many questions as possible to understand what your legal rights are,” said Donahue. “Find out what you need to do to help your lawyer create a good, solid case to take to settlement or court. That phone call is the best investment of your time if you expect to recover compensation for injuries.”

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