When Drunk Drivers Hit the Roads, Damage Tolls Can Be High Reports Brattleboro Personal Injury Lawyer

April 25, 2012 | News

Keene, NH (Law Firm Newswire) April 24, 2012 – Drunk drivers never think anything will happen to them. Often they are not injured in a wreck, but the other driver is seriously maimed or killed.

“This case makes me want to ask if anyone can spell m-o-r-o-n. Because of a drunk driver who thought he was invincible, smart and macho, two people were seriously hurt. One may be in the hospital for months trying to battle his way back to some semblance of normalcy. The man in the hospital is a well known basketball coach and his injuries, ranging from a punctured lung to undetermined head trauma, may spell the end of his career, and life as he once knew it,” recounted Charlie Donahue, a Brattleboro injury lawyer and Brattleboro medical malpractice lawyer with offices in Keene, New Hampshire.

The police accident report detailed the senseless accident head-on accident and its devastating conclusion. It was early afternoon on a Thursday when the inebriated 34-year-old driver tried to pull out onto the highway. His pickup accelerated out of control, crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic and slammed into the Lexus, driven by the coach. Another vehicle, a Ford pickup, then hit the two vehicles.

When the police and emergency crews were done cleaning up the scene as best as they could, the drunk was cited for felony drunken driving causing serious bodily injury and operating to endanger. In plain English, he was charged with driving while under the influence and dangerous driving causing bodily harm. Neither driver was belted in, which did exacerbate the injuries incurred. However, the lack of wearing a seatbelt has nothing to do with the negligence of driving drunk and seriously harming two innocent people.

“The coach will most likely want to file a personal injury lawsuit, as will the other van driver involved in this horrific mess,” speculated Donahue. “Will it win in court? Not much doubt that it will, given the fact the man was charged with felony drunken driving. The criminal charges are typically dealt with first before a civil lawsuit is launched.”

The victim in the hospital whose future, at this point, is decidedly murky, will most likely face years of surgeries, rehabilitation and pain. He will need medical care for years, assistance in daily living for a period of time, and no one can say for sure if his mental acuity will return. Should his brain trauma be such that he can no longer work or coach, his life will change in ways unimaginable to a once active man, who may then need full time care.

“Will the jury hand down an award large enough to ensure his care for the rest of his life? Likely. The facts of the case seem to be clear enough that a court would have no difficulty awarding an amount to make sure the man gets the medical care he needs. All this heartbreak, anxiety, pain, fear and worry because some moron wanted to have another drink and then drive. If you have been in a situation like this, call me. I can help you,” added Donahue.

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