Time to Stop Technology Interfering with Driving Insists New Hampshire Personal Injury Lawyer

July 31, 2012 | News

Keene, NH (Law Firm Newswire) July 30, 2012 – Communication technology is great, but it can be deadly in a vehicle.

“Distracted driving kills,” said Charlie Donahue, a Nashua injury and medical malpractice lawyer with offices in Keene, New Hampshire. “You have tons of communications technology in a vehicle and you don’t ignore it. Most people use it while they are driving, adjust it, talk on it, dial it or try to program it. What happens when they do that? They usually end up in an accident, and either get seriously injured or killed. The price of using technology in vehicles is too high to be stupid about it, and yet millions of people seem to think they are invincible. And ironically, curse other poor drivers using the same technology. That is the pot calling the kettle black.”

It is not much wonder that the U.S. Transportation Secretary is considering a blanket ban on using a cell phone or texting while driving any kind of vehicle, anywhere in the nation. Some say it is about time given the high number of deaths as a result of doing just that. The interesting thing is that once that thought was run up the flag pole to see if anyone saluted, there was another announcement from the Secretary’s office saying those reports were not accurate. Instead, it was asserted that the politician really meant he wanted Congress to get that states to pass that type of legislation, a move that would mimic laws in place to uphold seat belt use and prevent drunk driving.

Either way one looks at this issue, the conclusion is nearly unanimous: using technology at the same time while trying to drive has the clear potential to kill. Something needs to be done about it, as it seems most people do not think they need to drive without a cell phone, GPS, fax, laptop and other mobile devices clutched in their hands. The wanton disregard for others in using this technology while mobile is brutally frightening. No one is immune to death by collision under those circumstances.

“People are sure nothing will happen to them; that they are the best drivers in the world; that they have everything under control and that they would never hurt anyone. They may well be good drivers, and the ‘other’ guy might be too, but if he was using a cell phone while driving and creamed you, it does not matter how ‘good’ either of you are. One or both of you will end up seriously injured or dead. It’s just that simple. To be blunt, this kind of technology does not belong in vehicles, not when people’s lives are at stake, and that phone call about what to wear to a party or whatever, can wait,” added Donahue.

“Is the Secretary of State on the right track? Should a ban be implemented? Should the government look into technology that disables phones in cars? I am not a fan of federal intervention in local driving laws, but having said that, I understand their sentiment is well intended. I strongly back Tenth Amendment rights and agree we should not use technology while driving. However, more laws are not the answer. Better education and more rigorous enforcement of existing laws would be better, and leave making new laws to the local governments and the state,” said Nashua personal injury lawyer Donahue.

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