Compression Therapy Equipment Available From Vascular PRN Treats Diabetic Ulcers

June 21, 2013 | News

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) June 21, 2013 – Vascular PRN offers compression therapy devices that help promote blood flow to prevent and heal diabetic ulcers.

Vascular PRN

Ulcers on the legs and feet are a major complication of diabetes. They occur in 15 percent of all diabetic patients. Without prompt and effective treatment, they may leave doctors no alternative but partial leg amputation. Diabetic ulcers precede 84 percent of all lower leg amputations.

“Our compression therapy equipment gently compresses the leg to increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood,” said Greg Grambor, president of Vascular PRN. “Compression therapy is effective, inexpensive, and completely non-invasive.”

The direct cause of diabetic ulcers is the subject of debate within the medical community, but it is widely agreed that insufficient blood flow is a dominant contributor to the condition. Treatments for diabetic ulcers other than compression therapy include topical and internal drugs and surgery, each of which has a number of potential complications.

Grambor also pointed out the use of compression therapy as a preventive measure.“Compression therapy is a good option, even after a diabetic leg ulcer has healed, because it helps prevent recurrences of the wounds,” Grambor said. “Studies have shown that up to half of all diabetic ulcers recur within five years of healing.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year released its Diabetes Report Card 2012, the result of a survey of diabetes patients nationwide. That survey showed that just over two thirds of diabetic adults in the U.S. received their recommended annual foot exam in 2009-10.

“Patients themselves take an active role in preventing these wounds as well through a regimen of self-examination and proper cleaning of the feet. When doctors combine compression therapy with patient education, the ongoing prevention of diabetic foot ulcers can be very manageable for patients,” added Grambor.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Vascular PRN is a leading national distributor of compression therapy equipment, serving nursing homes, hospitals, surgery centers and other institutions in all 50 states.

To learn more about a Sequential Compression Device, SCD boots, or the Skin IQ™ coverlet, visit or call 800-886-4331.

Vascular PRN
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